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Top iPhone Apps for Those Who Love to Garden!

Anyone who loves to garden whether it's for a hobby or if you do it for a profession love to have things to make their gardening easier and a lot more fun. There are some nice iPhone apps out there that most gardeners would probably appreciate and find them helpful. These apps might even help you grow better flowers and more productive vegetables.

  • Landscaper's Companion – This app is a little expensive, this is one app that all gardeners, no matter what level of gardening they know will find this a information packed app. It's like a hand held encyclopedia that contains over 1,400 plants from 16 different categories which include perennials, house plants, veggies and more. It also includes over 5,700 pictures as well for visual help.
  • Fruit Garden – Is a little app that has a main focus on 22 different kinds of fruits that gives you a variety of tips and good tricks for preparing the soil, planting them and recommendations for the best varieties to grow. Lots of good information on how, when and where to plant the different fruits.
  • iGarden USA – This is a very comprehensive app that gives you all the different harvesting schedules of fruits and vegetables for your specific area. Pick any kind of seed and it will give you all the information you could need for days to harvest, the depth to plant them, the space between different rows and how long for them to germinate. They also have recommendations for different insecticides to use as well.
  • Bugs and Insects – This contains a database of over 900 different bugs and pests that can attack your garden. It's a great resource for those who are trying to figure out what bugs are OK for your gardens and which ones you need to try to keep out of your garden.
  • Botanical Interests – Is a great app that is for all those vegetable growers out there. It covers over 287 different vegetables. It's filled with information on how to grow them all, and a variety of different tips on growing your vegetables successfully. They even have 26 different types of lettuce you can grow, 19 different kinds of peppers you can grow, 13 different kinds of basil as well as 20 different kinds of tomatoes.
  • Herbs+ - If you love to grow herbs then is is an app you should have. It covers 25 different kinds of herbs and it will tell you how to plant and grow each herb. It will also give you the different ways to use them in food as well as some of the medical uses of the herbs. They also include how to set up different kinds of herb gardens.
  • Garden Plot – Is an app every gardener should have. This app has a directory that contains 14,000 different plants and the topics range from diseases to eco-friendly ideas for your garden. They even have a section that can locate retailers that sell the kind of plants you might be looking for.
There are a lot more apps than these that you can find to help you with your gardening needs, but these are just a few of the ones that other gardeners have found helpful for a lot of their gardening questions.

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